Thought for the month – October 2016

We are all back in the normal routine of school or college or work and will be confronted by people who ridicule the idea of God. I read this real life story recently.

A taxi driver discovered he was carrying a Christian minister and thought he would have some fun.

‘I feel sorry for people like you’ he said. ‘There you are with your Bibles and churches,and looking forward to some comfort and reward at the end of all your effort – only to find out at the end there was nothing there at all!’

He had a good laugh and I let him enjoy his joke. Then I had my own laugh.
‘Just suppose you are right and that I am deluded – I still have the advantage over you. I am convinced – in my delusion – that life isn’t a product of chance; believing – in my delusion – that I’m here for a purpose and that a man called Jesus has overcome evil and death and had forgiven my sins and given me eternal life. And then if you are right and I go out like a light I won’t even have the disappointment of knowing I was deluded!’

‘But if I’m right and you are wrong you are the real loser! There you are living trying to make sense of this short life keeping cheerful as possible until your energy gives out and you die. You are in for a dreadful shock as you are confronted by the person you have denied all your life and realise all you have lived for has been wasted!’

‘Supposing these things could make you think!’

We don’t have to suppose as we know there is enough evidence from the life and death of Jesus. He came into our world just because there is a life to prepare for and He is the only one who can open the way to heaven. If you know Jesus as saviour you know your future in heaven is secure. That is better than any ‘just suppose……..’

John wrote this in his first letter (1 John ch5 v13)
‘I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you may know that you have eternal life’.

John Leftley (J1 Commie)