Thought for the month – October 2014

The summer is ended

The evenings are getting dark more quickly, the colours of the leaves on the trees are changing and there’s that autumnal chill to the mornings. How quickly the weeks have flown by since the time at camp in the summer. By now we’re all back to our normal routines, with the great time enjoyed together at camp a memory of the holidays. The summer is ended!

A long time ago (about 600BC), Jeremiah had the same thoughts as he looked back on the summer, although his thoughts were filled with sadness – he said ‘the summer is ended and we are not saved’ (Jeremiah 8:20). He looked back on the time when all of the people had heard ‘the word of the Lord’ (7:2). The message was to turn away from their sin, obey the voice of God, and follow God (7:23). They had a great opportunity to be brought near to God, but they would not listen (7:24).

In fact, the people continued going further and further away from God. It just didn’t make sense, normally when people take a wrong turn, they want to find their way, but these people ‘refused to return’ (8:5). Others would be ashamed when they had done wrong things, but these people were not embarrassed by their sins (8:12).

Jeremiah was so sad when he looked back on the summer and realised that the people were not saved. Over 2600 summers later, we can look back on a great summer at camp. Not just a time of great fun, food and friendship, but times when the message of the gospel was spoken about; this was ‘the word of the Lord’. We heard about God’s great love in sending the Lord Jesus to die on the cross paying the full punishment for sin. We heard God’s invitation to turn away from sin and call upon the Lord Jesus for salvation.

It has been really encouraging for the camp leaders to hear that the summer is ended and some young people have been saved, others have been baptised. But what about you? Do you look back on camp and say, the summer is ended and I am not saved? The great thing is, it’s not too late, you can still call upon the Lord Jesus to save you today.

Andrew Dutton
Speaker, Senior Camp 2014