Thought for the month – December 2020

Once again, December has arrived and almost automatically our thoughts turn to Christmas. Perhaps you have already been thinking about it. We wrapped presents at the beginning of November, so our minds have been on Christmas for some time. For the record, I don’t claim to have contributed much to this level of organisation!

Aside from our traditional desire to give gifts, spend time with friends and family and enjoy a break, Christmas is a time to think about the Bible message that the season represents. It is summed up in the verse: ‘Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners’, 1 Timothy 1. 15. Thinking recently about the fact that the Lord Jesus came into the world reminded me that:

  • His birth at Bethlehem was not His beginning, because He was ‘in the beginning… with God’, John 1. 1. He is ‘from everlasting’, Micah 5. 2, meaning that there was no point when He did not exist! The Lord Jesus is eternal.
  • His birth marked the time when the Son of God ‘was made flesh’, John 1. 14. A better translation is ‘became flesh’; it was a voluntary act. It involved uniting Godhead and Manhood in one Person.
  • His birth revealed God to mankind: ‘God was manifest in the flesh’, 1 Tim. 3. 16. ‘Manifest’ means ‘to make visible’ or ‘known.’ Through the Lord Jesus, we learn of the wisdom, power, and love of God.
  • His birth was an act of humility. He ‘was made a little lower than the angels’, Heb. 2. 9.  Paul wrote to the Philippians: ‘He made Himself of no reputation… and was made in the likeness of men’ and ‘He humbled Himself,’ Phil. 2. 7, 9.

These facts help us appreciate just who the Lord Jesus is. But it is also wonderful to consider why he came. He came with a purpose, ‘to save sinners’, 1 Timothy 1. 15. He came to die on the cross, to take the punishment for sin. He came so that we could be released from the power of sin and saved from the punishment for sin. He came so that we might receive eternal life. He came to save.

As your thoughts turn to Christmas, what do you think of the One who came into the world so that you might be saved? Call upon Him, who is now alive in heaven. Turn from your sin and ask Him to save you. That would make 2020 an unforgettable Christmas for you, and the effects will last for eternity!

Andrew Dutton