Thought for the month – December 2018

The summer at Bible Camp seems a long time ago. December has arrived, and Christmas is in sight. Many of us are looking forward to time off to relax and enjoy with family. But there’s opportunity to think again about the wonderful message of God reaching out to mankind.

God was manifest in flesh
1 Timothy 3v16

The Bible teaches that in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, ‘God was manifest in flesh’. How wonderful that God revealed Himself to us in the Lord Jesus. The perfection, justice, power and love of God was all shown to us in a unique Man, the Son of God and He ‘lived among us’ that His glory could be witnessed and appreciated.

The wonderful thing for us is the purpose of it all. The Son of God was given so that He would suffer and die to pay the price for sin at the cross. God’s plan was that He would be ‘believed on in the world’ – that ordinary people would trust in Him in all His perfection as the One that can bring personal forgiveness through His death. He was ‘received up into glory’ accepted by God for all that He has accomplished and because He lives, we can know eternal life.

Have you received the eternal life that the Lord Jesus can give? Don’t leave it until Bible Camp next year but thank God for His Son now and ‘believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved’ (Acts 16v31).

Andrew Dutton