Thought for the month – April 2014

Last week I was watching a water vole that lives beside the stream near our house. He has a short brown coat, black beady eyes, a snub nose and twitching whiskers. He was sitting in the entrance of his burrow dug into the steep bank just above the waterline, staring back at me. After a while there was a loud plop as he launched into the water and headed off upstream, leaving a rippling bow-wave behind him. He has very little fear of humans, or anything else for that matter!

Dave, our neighbour’s big black cat sits silently for hours on the wooden footbridge over the stream, waiting to pounce. I suppose he wants to vary his diet – baby rabbits, mice, blackbirds, water voles………… they all taste good. I wish he could just be content with a saucer-full of cat-food each day, but obviously he can’t. Why is a water vole so fearless? They are an “endangered species”, and you can see why! Perhaps they think they are safe, because cats are too fat to squeeze into their burrow – and no-one has ever seen a cat swimming up a stream have they? But I think that’s a doubtful argument. After all, cats are a lot more common than water voles!

If you think water voles are blind to danger, what about people? For instance don’t you know some young people who were warned about drugs or alcohol or some other dangerous things, but tried them out just the same? And the problem is they have soon ended up trapped in a place where there is no way back. We might love our family of water voles at Mill Farm, but they are hard to protect from predators – you can’t sit on the stream bank every day and night to scare off their enemies. Each one of us lives in a dangerous world, and we are responsible, in the end, for our own safety. Peter, a disciple of the Lord Jesus, warns us from his own experience, writing in his letter (1 Peter 5:8) : “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour”.

Why are so many young people so blind to danger? The apostle Paul says (2 Corinthians 4:4): “The god of this age has blinded the minds of those that will not believe so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ”. There is only one way to be safe from danger. Salvation – which makes you safe for ever – is only to be found by asking the Lord Jesus to save you. I can’t do it for you even though I would like to. You must ask Him yourself.

See you at the Gorleston Camp Rally on June 21st, and stay safe on the beach. If you have found salvation in the meantime be sure to tell your friends from Camp!

(Young Christians Camp Leader)