Camp isn’t over when the tents come down! There are rallies and reunions throughout the year so you can keep in touch and meet up with friends.

Dates for the rallies and reunions in 2020 are:

  • Saturday 25 January, 3pm – 7pm
    Camp Reunion, Hellesdon, Norwich
  • Saturday 28 March, 7pm – 9pm
    Camp Rally, Costessey, Norwich
    March camp rally CANCELLED
  • Saturday 20 June, 3pm – 7pm
    Camp Rally, Gorleston
    June camp rally CANCELLED
  • Saturday 19 September, 3pm – 8pm
    Camp Rally, Hengrave (3-6pm) & Bury St Edmunds (6:30-8pm)
    September camp rally CANCELLED

No camps will take place in 2020.