Young Christians Camp

Young Christians’ Camp is a long weekend camp for you if you are a young Christian and 14 years old or over. Older campers are very welcome, so don’t feel put off! If you’re over 20 please contact one of the leaders. We’d love to see you there.

The weekend is designed for those young in the faith, but would benefit from maturing Christians who can contribute to the camp experience where everyone can grow together. “YC” is a great opportunity to grow in the Christian faith, and also to give you some time and space to reflectively consider your own progress and next steps.

We’ll look at some basic Christian teaching around the tools God has given us to make a success of our Christian lives: the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and the support of other Christians. These three will be used to counter those things which oppose the Christian life: the Devil, the Flesh, and the World. So we will consider Authority (who will we listen to?), Guidance (who will show us the way?), and Influence (who will shape us?). We’ll also have some practical challenges which will help to illustrate the importance of each of these 😊

The Young Christians’ weekend camp starts on the evening of Friday 17th August and will run through to early evening of Monday 20th August 2018. The weekend camp costs £65, but as it follows on from Senior camp the previous week, a discount is available, and you can book both camps for £175.

The Leaders are all looking forward to a great time, so book in with us soon!